LippyClip believe what you need is fully within your reach.  As a hard-working woman, you juggle a lot of things.  So whether it's surviving the day with toddlers underfoot, reaching the next big sales goal in your office, or passing a college course, we know that your big dreams are not too far of a stretch away. 

We're cheering for you, and as our simple yet clever products keep your essentials just a few inches away, we encourage you to reach for those big life goals and believe that you can achieve your dreams.

Our founder, Amy Gabriel, lives this mission personally.  When her nursing career fell apart, she desperately needed to create income for her family.  By God's grace, what she needed was within her reach too.  Read more of her story here.  

Reach for the stars, friend.  They're not as far away as you might think.  You can do it, and we're cheering for you!

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