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It all started with scraps! Pomchies were invented while trying to figure out a way to use the scraps from a swimwear factory.  Heather Logan, Pomchies owner, had been selling children's sun protective swimwear and the factory in Australia searched for a way to use left-over fabric.  Scraps don't work anymore but the Pomchie idea certainly does!  Now we are purchasing fabric by the container load and have expanded the Pomchie line to include Pom-ID's, Pom-Shoes, Pom-Keys, Spirit Band-it Headbands, Team-Twist braided bracelets, and Pom-Braid and Double Pom-Braid braided headbands.  We have endless ideas on ways to use the Pomchie products, color combinations to meet every request, and many new products on the way!


Pomchies, LLC was formed in April of 2002 in Phoenix, AZ by Heather Logan and Claudine Donner.  Heather was living in Bangkok, Thailand at the time and was developing the factories while Claudine was introducing Pomchies to the US market.  In July 2004, Heather bought out Claudine's interest and moved back to Phoenix as the business was expanding rapidly.

Currently Pomchies are in over 2000 stores, boutiques, schools and bookstores in the US. Internationally, Pomchies are sold in the UK, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, and Australia.  Pomchies LLC is a certified Woman Owned Business (WBENC). Pomchies was also one of the two area merchants approved as an official 2008 Super Bowl XLII vendor.

Pomchie products are a unique way to show spirit or add color to life.  With over a thousand unique color combinations the possibilities are endless.  Wear them in your hair, on your ankles or around your wrists, use them as napkin rings or table decorations, use them to show spirit for you favorite team, and some fun to your uniform or anything else you can imagine!

Pomchie products are soft, fun and waterproof, made from washable Oeko Tex approved swimwear fabric.  Our factories in Vietnam comply with all US standards.

Quality products that bring fun and spirit to life -Pomchies for everyone!

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