Mixologie -Tender (Fruity)

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Mixologie -Tender (Fruity) - A Blissfully Beautiful Boutique
Mixologie -Tender (Fruity) - A Blissfully Beautiful Boutique

Luscious sugar-dusted black raspberries burst with citrus from Sicilian lemon and orange zest. Bright, verdant accords of green tea, moss, silver sage, French lavender, and geranium leaf add vitality and a clean crispness. A kiss of warm ambergris completes the blend for a scent that beautifully captures honesty and innocence.

This alcohol-free rollerball fragrance single (5ml) will allow you to restock your existing collection or quickly create your ideal Mix•o•logie recipe.

Ingredients:  Dipropylene Glycol, Fragrance Oils

5 mL Rollerball