Mixologie Recipes

Mixologie Recipes

Sometimes, you just need a place to start. We created recipes for our favorite scent combinations—and the circumstances we think they’re perfect for.
• stir crazy •

For when you can’t take one more month of your hometown.
(You’ve narrowed it down to just under five cities you’re considering. On each coast.)
For when you feel like you’ll be job searching forever.
(And you can’t stop refreshing your email.)
For when you haven’t gone out on a Saturday in weeks.
(That’s five weeks of pent-up energy. Look out, downtown.)
• with a twist •

For when you’re going to chop off all your hair.
(You’re really going to do it this time.)
For when you’re going to try doing old things in new ways.
(Use your imagination. And be safe.)
For when you’re going to try new things in new ways.
(Rock-climbing? Learning French? The world is your oyster. You could also try oysters.)
• straight up •

For when it’s time to break it off.
(It’s not you, it’s them. Is it you? Own up.)
For when you’ve got to tell your folks the truth.
(Remember your yogi breathing.)
For when you’ve got to admit to yourself: you’ll never be “that size” or completely comfortable at parties.
(And you know what? It’s liberating.)
• muddled •

For when you aren’t sure if you need a complete career change.
(Resist the urge to quit on-the-spot. Or do it. Do it proud.)
For when you actually got into both schools.
(You knew you would. Remember: this is a good problem.)
For that general, “should-you-or-shouldn’t-you.”
(Order delivery? Yes. Paint the whole living room in “orange oasis?” Sleep on it, at the very least.)
• on the rocks •

For when your relationship isn’t what it used to be.
(Be candid about your wants and needs. Don’t forget eye contact. And snacks to ease the tension.)
For when your whole “life plan” just isn’t aligning the way it’s supposed to.
(You know who else’s life plan doesn’t align right? Everyone’s.)
For when your landlord won’t fix the air conditioner and it’s July.
(Remind him: Don’t fix what’s not broken, but do fix what is.)
• extra dirty •

For when it’s obvious.
(But pace yourself. And have a safe word.)
For when it’s literal.
(Start with the dishes, then the countertops.)
For when you’re going to play hooky.
(Call it a “mental health day.”)
• super call •

For when those squats are paying off and, damn.
(Take a picture of yourself. It’ll last longer.)
For when you asked for a raise...and got more than you asked for.
(Because you’ve really been killing it and they know it.)
For when you finished your first triathlon.
(Or your first mile. Sweat never smelled so good on you, but perfume smells better.)
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