The Oversized-Fit Trend

Did you know the oversized trend dates back to the 1920s? That’s right! Almost 100 years ago loose-fit clothes became popular in western fashion. Today, there are different variations of oversized. From longline tees to dresses with a roomier fit, there’s freedom in sizing up rather than sizing down! But before you embrace the oversized trend, you need to know the basics. Here’s the inside scoop on oversized fashion – what to buy and how to wear this trendy style.


Oversized and On-trend

By definition, the word oversize means bigger than usual. Therefore, when referring to the fit of a garment, it means that a shirt or a pair of bottoms is a little roomier than normal. Compared to a tailored fit, which is designed to contour the body, oversized fits are relaxed and roomy. An oversize-cut is not designed with as much structure as a tailored design because its loose-fit is meant to be comfy and relaxed—it’s no wonder this style is so popular.

While oversized has gained attention throughout the fashion scene, the trend is viral in hip hop and skateboard communities. During the 1990s, the oversized look was huge amongst female R&B groups such as TLC and Xscape. Unlike other female artists, they embraced loose-fitting clothing that draped from their bodies. Other artists like Sean “P. Diddy” Combs and Outkast created clothing lines that included oversized t-shirts that fit bigger than the basic tee which has evolved into today’s oversized streetwear styles. And let’s not forget about our skateboarders who embrace the relaxed, oversized look too! Ryan Sheckler, a famous skateboarder, was known for wearing an oversized hoodie with shorts or pants when he took his board for a ride. So, why is oversized so popular with skateboarders? The reason is anyone’s guess. Heck, it may be because bigger tops help the skater to catch the wind for a gnarlier cruise or the ease of movement offered by roomy clothes. But no matter the reason, skateboarders are just as recognized as the hip hop community for wearing this trendy fashion. As it continues to evolve, we wonder what is next for the oversized trend.

Buying It Oversized

Shopping for oversize fit clothing can be easy, but there are pitfalls you should avoid such buying a size or two up to achieve the oversized look. This method doesn’t work as you run the risk of the garment looking too big and sloppy. Remember, oversized style is in the cut of the design, not the size of the clothing itself. Styled incorrectly, sizing up can create an unflattering, baggy look which is why it is important to stay as close to your true size as possible.

How to Wear It

The oversized look is a trendy style in knitwear, vests, t-shirts, and jeans and features several different oversized variations. Pullovers and t-shirts with a slightly oversized cut take a minimal approach to oversizing. Opposed allover baggy styles, these tops offer a loose, relaxed fit throughout and are designed with little to no structure in the shoulders. So how do you style these comfortably spacious tops? Easy peasy! Here are three tips on how to wear an oversized shirt.

TIP 1: Balance the look out! One rule of thumb is to keep your top oversized and your bottoms slim. Because there is less form in oversized pieces, one must find balance with some structure. Pairing skinny jeans, leggings, or slim-fit joggers with your oversize tee is a perfect way to balance the look.

TIP 2: Add some detail! Just like art, there is always a focal point that leads the eye to other parts of the painting. It’s the same thing with your outfit. However, don’t overdo it with detail to the point you lose the entire look. Simply add a little to your style with subtle accents like lace trim or a textured neckline. It is best to stay away from chunky materials, which will add an extra bulkiness to your appearance.

TIP 3: Choose your texture carefully!  The texture of your oversize top or bottom will make all the difference in your appearance. Thicker fabrics such as knits will often make you look a little larger than what you really are, so it’s important to go back to tip one for balance. On the opposite end, thinner fabrics can drape in a shapeless way. Try adding a belt on the waist to emphasize a little shape to your outfit. Tucking your top into shorts or pants will help add emphasis as well.