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The concept of Ellora was born in 1985 while travelling to the Ellora Caves in India on a family vacation. It was during that trip that my father said words to me that made a lasting impact, “Always remember what matters in life.”

24 years later, when my father passed away, it was that moment in India, and the words that my father spoke, that I remembered most clearly. After meeting Denise, co-founder of the Ellora brand, who also experienced a deep personal loss, we realized that we both felt the need and desire to combine business with meaningful reminders of what really matters.

Our hope is that this brand will inspire you to appreciate what really matters. Each Ellora product comes with a special note to keep or to pass on. Life is special, people are special, time is special. Never get too busy to …

take note of what matters

With Love, Nadine & Denise

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