This tote is like nothing you have probably ever seen! It has a gorgeous printed canvas bag...oh that’s the game changer!!
The gorgeous canvas bag is securely fastened in The Daily Tote through the handles. There is a small black cap that goes through the canvas bag and the actual bag itself securing it so you never have to worry about it falling out!
But wait...there’s more 😉
The best part is, the canvas bag is completely removable! So it’s up to your customer whether or not they want to the canvas bag inside their Daily Tote! The canvas bag is water-resistant and completely wipeable! There are two pockets on the inside that can hold cell phones, keys, etc!
1 lb 9 oz each
•Steel Blue
‼️‼️Please note: you will see that the black/camo bag is shaped differently. That was a style bag I was sampling for a couple of months but ultimately chose the style that the other 5 bags are! The black that I will be carrying (and that y’all will be preordering) will match the style of the other 5 bags
My manufacturer said they feel they can get my order produced by the Middle of March so if ALL goes as planned, I would hope to have our order by the end of April, but it could be May.

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